Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition education and recommendations target your specific medical and personal needs. We will work together in an encouraging and supportive environment, implementing gradual and realistic change while identifying triggers that may be preventing you from improving quality of life.

We will use an Integrative and Functional Nutrition approach to identify “root causes” of disease in a methodical and systematic fashion rather than the mundane prescription of medical nutrition protocols based on a diagnosis, using a “whole systems” approach and personalize a holistic nutrition care plan to restore function and improve outcome.

An essential part of this process is setting attainable and sustainable goals. I do not believe that feeling guilt or deprivation in relationship to food is healthful. I believe that, through counseling, you can gain control of your life and overall health. 

Let us provide practical advice and encouragement to ensure your success.



Wellness Plans

Functional and Integrative Nutrition

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

Auto-immune diseases



Acid Reflux

Digestive Issues

Cardiovascular Disease

Medical Nutrition Therapy